jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2011

De médicos analógicos a digitales, ¿híbrido sanitario?

El doctor Vartabedian resume magníficamente qué es un médico analógico y uno digital:

The digital physician

  1. Information consumption is web-based
  2. Rarely uses a pen.  Care and correspondence is conducted through an EMR.
  3. Socially connected.  Comfortable with real time dialog at least on a peer-to-peer level.  Recognizes the inevitable role of synchronous digital dialog between doctor and patient.
  4. E-patient centric.  Recognizes the sovereignty of the patient and recognizes their access to information as a critical asset to care.
  5. Mobile dependent.  Sees the ability to provide patient care as dependent upon a smart phone or tablet.
  6. Uses digital tools to control inputs.  Has web-based mechanisms in place to help curate information and other inputs from various sources.

The analog physician

  1. Consumes information through paper books and journals.  Often overheard saying curious things like, “I like the smell of paper” or “I’ve gotta be able to hold it.”
  2. Still use paper charts.  While she may interface with computers, her care is coordinated and facilitate via the manual exchange of ink on pulp.  Illegible prescriptions are seen as a badge of honor.
  3. Has little to no social presence.  Either doesn’t understand the value of engagement or is driven by fear.  Sees no obligation to participate in social dialog or content creation.
  4. Physician centric.  Sees physician as the core provider of information.  Care delivery centered as much on the needs and demands of the physician as the patient.
  5. Smart phone has no real role in her provision of care.  Even the simplest point of care queries are done through dog-eared manuals kicking around the work area.  May be overheard lamenting AT&T’s discontinued support the Motorola StarTac.
  6. Core inputs are snail mail box and email.  Can be heard giggling, “If it’s not in my ‘in box’ I’ll never see it.”
 El cambio está ocurriedo, lento pero seguro. Es una cuestión de herramientas y de cultura. Las primeras cambian la segunda.

Hoy tendrá lugar la desconferencia Híbrido Sanitario en twitter de 20 a 21 horas con el hashtag #hibridsanit todo el mundo está invitado a participar.

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